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Nachi rocks!!

Also, set up your free site as well. Fully editable, free, limitless, free hosting, search engine optimized.

Cool! Great for you. I’ve been a member for a little over two years and have yet to get a single one… I’m glad it’s working for you.

Mark, I don’t see your site. Are you sure you set it up?

No I’ve got my own sites…

Shut them down.

Yea right. Get a clue. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I’m serious, shut them down. See post #4. Switch to We’re heavily direct marketing to buyers using and sites. Your sites aren’t hurting you, shelf space is shelf space, but again, read your own post #4.

Also, allows you to add as many pages as you like. Use to create separate pages for each. Great for SEO. All free. Hosting free too.

Nick all due respect to you however I would have to be crazy to shut my site down. I’m quickly becoming the most found HI in STL thanks to Google. I get great traffic. I think what you mean is add to the shelf not trade one in for the other…right?

Correct Bill. is designed to gobble up internet shelf space. Set yours up. Add pages. Shelf space, shelf space, shelf space!

Looks real interesting and nice but it will not let me log in…keep getting an “invalid” username popup message. Does one have to create a new account for this?

Yes. It requires that you set up a new username and password for the site. Your existing InterNACHI member username and password only works with not

Great and easy too. Thanks Nick and staff