Who's My Client Again?

I got a call from a lady saying, “I apparently need a Home Inspection.” That was a weird start to a conversation so I dug deeper. Apparently her insurance broker had come by the house and saw some concerning things so contacted the Insurance Company and now they demanded an inspection before they would re-issue insurance. So I outlined to this lady what I do and my fees when I heard her husband yell in the background, “Tell that inspector that we are not paying a dime for the inspection!!” So I casually asked who was going to pay for it. She told me the insurance company was. I hung up and called the broker and asked who my client was and who was going to pay my bill. She said the home owners had to pay but they didn’t have any money. I asked her how I was supposed to collect from them if they had no money. She said the insurance company didn’t really care how I got paid but that I just need to do the job. Maybe I could try to collect in monthly payments or something.

Hmmm… I haven’t even done the job yet and am already dealing with collection issues. No thanks. I don’t have time for that. Any Manitoba inspectors need some work in Homewood? I’ll give you a number you can call. :mrgreen: :roll:

I’d steer well away from that one…

Tell them they’re not going to have to pay a dime r an inspection since no one will do it.


I’d refer this one to K.W. :blank:

Oh no you DI’INT!

ain’t nobody got time for that!

One answer to that… click.