Prior Client that won' stop calling.

I have a single mom that I did an inspection for six months ago that continues calling/emailing me for everything from kids saw some spiders in the home, to what doors can she replace the laundry doors with, to Orkin found a dead bird in the attic. How do I tactfully get her to stop contacting me.

I don’t think she’s calling you just because she has concerns about the house. :wink:

She maybe looking for a body inspection…

I can hear the echoes from during an attempt to sell your services or during the inspection…

“Once you are a client, you are a client for life. Call me anytime if you need information about your home…”

Live with the consequences of your sales techniques. :wink:

Maybe I should delete the part of my email when I send them the report that says". Please feel free to call/email me if you have any questions.

She did move from California with two kids and parents in tow…not interested.

Time to re-think that line…

, I would just live with it .
This kind could be a better friend then an enemy .
Just make the answer short as possible.


Agreed, every time you help her, it`s a possible referral for you. Consider it marketing.

I want to be a home adviser for life. I think it is a great compliment.

Hey! you’re not suppose to agree with Roy, please use a different narrative :shock: j/k

If you don’t want to talk with her. Don’t answer her call but send her and email later.

You should feel honored, she probably doesn’t have anyone else for advice. Be nice and slowly wean her off by taking longer and longer to respond. It’s called “the fade”

What does Jim Jones over at the Darkside BB tell you to do?


It seems obvious that you left quite an impression on this lady. She considers you a “house -expert/guru” who knows everything about each and every item in her home.
This is the type of customer who will brag about you and your expertise! She will continue to send customers your way for a long, long time.

Be proud that you left such an impression!:wink:

Wait until The day that you get the customer who calls and calls and calls with complaints about you and tells everyone she knows that you are incompetent and don’t know what you’re doing.

I would rather have “the first set of problems” than to have a whiner and complainer calling me!

I wish you luck in your career! I hope that you continue to have the first type of customer than to have the second type of customer!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sign her up for the Home Owners Network. she can ask any home related question any time they have experts on staff. Also send her a copy of the Homeowners Handbook or any of the other similar publications. Then when she calls reminder her of this service (HON) and that she can ask them a question anytime. Then answer her question. Its all about providing the tools and reminding (training) them to use it.

Like Greg, I wouldn’t send her to another company…

Just providing options.

I understand. Many are doing the same. :slight_smile: