Why are we dependant on foreign oil?

Here is an article that will shock you. We could be independent when it comes to oil.

Think long term like China does.
Use theirs till it runs dry and ours becomes special later eh?

Use it all now and what about later?

Bob is correct when he proposes:

That’s the plan and we’re sticking to it.

There is a reason we aren’t drilling in ANWAR and it isn’t because of wildlife.

Certainly the government is not going to announce this so the smart people can see it while others debate.
Some things are unsaid for a reason.

When the price gets too painful (not where you might think) that is when actions might be taken.
Better to force the inventive young minds to find another solution with alternative energy now while under false pressure.

i used to buy into a theory like that but it is hard not to blame the greens for how they have influenced energy policy.

They want you on a bike in mass transit and/or in the city with no car.

The high oil prices we have now are a direct result of green policy and buying oil from people that do not like us.

You must really hate exercise!

Not at all.

I have a very nice road and mountain bike.

Enjoy your $5 plus gas and make sure you send a thank you note to Obama.

Let’s see if I have this right. The plan is;

Beggar the country and the entire western world by committing to buying oil from countries that hate us and are determined to ruin us, at inflated prices for the foreseeable future. Then, after the world economy has been reduced to trading ‘fish futures’ and we are all traveling around staring at the rear end of the latest model of horse, say in two to three hundred years when everyone else has used up all their oil, the President will jump out of his cave and shout “AH-HA! GOTCHA! NOW YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY US INFLATED PRICES FOR OUR OIL FOR A CHANGE!” ( assuming there is a market left for oil in three hundred years as we will all have gone green and have windmills and solar cells on our car roofs).

Great plan.:shock: