Why Didn't I Know About This !?!?!?

Now you know!


FYI - You might want to run a spell check for your “innaugeral” meeting if they are going to a large group.

You’ll soon learn Billy that Home Inspectors (most of them :wink: ) have a sharp eye for all details except spelling…LOL!!! :smiley:

:wink: Some of us also care about spelling.

oops! Hey, I was in a hurry and didn’t do spell check, but I don’t think my misspelling of a word or two will deter people from coming.

I wasn’t trying to be a stickler, it was just one of those obvious ones.:-k

Yeah Dave…a few of us. :wink: :cool:

Can make a big difference in your reports…

Definitely a BIG difference.

When I see a store sign that is mispelled, I immediately take it off my list of places to frequent. It’s a big turnoff that shows ignorance in business (not posting).

Mee two…

LOL Tony:p

trust me, My reports are definately speell chicked!!!:roll::wink:

\ I am so glad my reports are not ungood.
Roy sr.