Why different wall sheathing types?

Saw this new construction today. Can someone enlighten me as to why a builder would use 2 different types of wall sheathing material? If its economics, why not do it all with the cheap stuff?

On a similar note, why do some builders use house wrap and some not? Is there a code that refers to when house wrap is required?

022306 106.jpg

022306 106.jpg

022306 106.jpg

The OSB is used in the corners and at other critical places for added structural strength (diagonal bracing). This is a good thing. OSB is considerably stronger that sturdy-brace.

Good builder!

looks like a pre-fab. i can see the seam from 1st and 2nd floor. see the horizontal line about 2’ tall?. also looks like there starting to put the weather paper up.

Looking at the picture, it appears that OSB sheathing was installed at the corners and mid sections of the framing to meet the building codes for lateral stablity and ridgidness as required by the AHJ.

The black sheathing I see is most likely a 1/2" regular cellulosic fiberboard sheathing.

I call this the Connecticut Framing, where 30 years ago it was used as a backerboard for siding. Thereafter in Northern Maine, people thought the vaporseal had to be on the exterior. Wrong answer. Vapor barrier goes on the warm side of the wall.

This picture depicts as cheap a method of building today as there is. Meets Code, yes.

Remembe Code is the minimum standard allow. Does that not tell you that people are there to make a quick buck, and will only provide what meets the minimum and nothing more. ?

Don’t we live in an ethical world!!! ha. ha.

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The exterior will be vinyl siding. If you pick the right place, you can break into the home with a pocket knife.

Stick built by people who don’t speak English. Not a pre-fab. I did a new home inspection on a house beside it. Saw lots of sloppiness.

what are you saying???

after reading Marcels post, i see the mistake i made. i though that was some sort of house wrap. oh well. thanx for fixxin’ me (again) Marcel. guess that’s another beer i owe you. just think how drunk i’ll get you when i pay up.:mrgreen:

I agree with Marcel … can you say “minimum standard” (if it meets that) and “cheap construction”

Some builders will do anything to save a few bucks … :roll:

So what is unethical about building something to code? Los Angeles County requires all UBC design loads to be reduced by 25%. Is it unethical to build to LA County’s “code minimum”?

I see a lot of contractors, developers, and building departments doing things that are above and beyond the code minimums that are nothing more than a waist of money.

My point is, that if building Contractors do merely what is allowed by code, there are usually alot of items that do not meet code. They work in a fashion that is as inexpensive as possible to make a buck and a lot of items fall below the code requirements automatically.
If the whole issue did not revolve around the dollar all the time, we would not have to spend money fruitlessly to pay Code Enforcement, would we.
How many issues in new Construction have fell through that were missed by Code Enforcement?, many, because they are not there all the time to enforce the code.

A lot of small towns around here do not have Code Enforcement and you can usually tell if you happen to inspect these houses for a buyer.

Just my thoughts as to why ethics are not always followed.

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