Why do chimneys have crickets but not skylights?


Because only protrusions that exceed 30 inches in width

Well OK then, it looks to be roughly 3 tabs wide, making it at least 36"

So should there be a cricket or not?

skylight width.jpg

skylight width.jpg

Not enough height on the curb for a cricket. Just needs to be flashed properly.

I suppose you could install a diverter above the skylight instead.

Simple answer: because the code doesn’t require one. You can recommend it in your report, but it will get you laughed out of town.

righty oh, thanks all.

I always told my clients .
I love sky lights .
But it is a case of when is it going to leak.

Crickets need to have the same slope as the roof. A skylight is too low and wide to accommodate a cricket, unless you build up the curb.

Some skylights have built in diverters to the head flashing (mini-crickets)

Likewise. “The roof includes one or more skylights, which are notoriously problematic and a common point of leaks. There are different methods of installing them and, although opinions will vary, some methods are better than others. Therefore, it will be important to keep the area around them clean and to monitor them for evidence of leaks.”