Why does inspector turnover occur?

I am looking for reasons that an employee has given you for quitting working with you. I want what you think are honest reasons they gave you.

I also want to hear from people who quit a position with a company as an inspector as to why you left the company. What could they have done to have kept you? What things are important to you so as to stay with an inspection company? What factors are most important in staying with a company?

to be honest i got the same questions as you mate

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Everyone of my inspectors/employees that have stopped working for us has done it for a different reason.

One did more work at another job(appraiser)
One moved away(really wanted another job anyway)
One moved with wife(divorcing)
One moved to be near family
One went away :slight_smile:
One wanted to do home inspections by himself and we didn’t think he was qualified(He now does a few home inspections by himself)
One retired(stroke)
One just wasn’t doing the job and would take too long to answer questions
One got another job(different business)

Office staff:

One became a Realtor
One was committing fraud against the state for benefits so we let her go

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