Inspector walks away?????

Had a strange phone call today wanting to know if I could do an inspection the caller stated that there was another inspector scheduled to do the inspection today; he showed up and after entering the home he stated he did not want to except the liability and said something about to many kids toys on the floor and he flew the coop?

I am just wondering what his real reason for leaving was I can not imagine toys being the reason.

I have turned down one inspection in my career due to distance never because of any liability issues. Liability comes with the territory I booked the inspection. Guess I will find out on Thursday.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever walked away from an inspection after showing up on the property.

Maybe it was the “60 Minutes” news truck across the street in front of the vacant lot…

I got a frantic call one day from a clients realtor about a year ago because their inspector never showed up, and never returned their calls. I had to turn the inspection down because I was already in the middle of my first of two inspection that day. Granted, anything could have happened to the inspector that day,… so I cant say if he/she just “stiffed” them or what. Its weird that an inspector would turn down a job because of “toys”,… I get fustrated with clutter & stored items myself but thats the territory we work in,… gotta take the bad ones as well as the good and do the job you were hired to do except unless its a health and safety concern for yourself. Hmmmmm,… Maybe he already tripped over three of his own kids toys that morning and lost it when he saw more in his pathway. :mrgreen:

Hope it was and I hope they come back on Thursday I would luv to be on 60 Minutes:)

Only once. Customer was a flaming a hole from the start. Packed up my gear, told him he would probably be happier with another inspector as I know I would be happier with another customer, and left. I don’t think he really wanted an inspector but his wife insisted but then she did not come with him. That was a long time ago and Im a lot nicer than I was then.:wink:

Is it not amazing how Hungar can effect ones attitude:)

I was told by an owner little old lady that I had worn out my welcome and it was time for me to leave; but I have never just walked out before starting

What about those houses with the “icky” crawlspaces Peter. :mrgreen:

I remember turning one down because the people were looking to potentially sue their initial inspector. Not worth the time and money to get involved in potential litigation. I did spend some time finding a company that specialized in mold inspection and remediation for them. They were grateful for the help.

I did turn one down . Lady was there and asked why I would not do the inspection.
A beautiful Log home absolutely perfect inside . The out side had been covered with Efis.
The insulation went 8 inches under the ground the electric boxes where not caulked the EFIS had been damaged with a tractor and not repaired.
The out side tap had never been caulked .
Now I wonder why a person would take and put EFIS on the outside of a $700,000;00 log home.
It made the hair stand up on my neck.
I told her I could not do the inspection with out serious invasive testing and showed her why I was concerned and felt they needed some one more qualified to do this type of inspection.
. I found out from her that her husband was a lawyer with a huge Toronto law firm and he was a Senior partner,
She thanked me and I gave her a disposable Camera and showed her where to take pictures.
The agent tried to get some one else to come and inspect and had no luck as all wanted to know more about the home .
never did find the out come of the home .

Walked away from a few, always smiling. The most memorable was when my client handed me back my contract saying: “I can see what you don’t do, but what the blank do you do?” My response was to snatch the contract from his hand, rip it in half, and say: “Oh, that’s not in my contract. But, I don’t work for people like you.” How sweet it is to be self-employed.

I walked from one when I realized it was a house I built 4 years earlier.

I walked away from one the other day:

The lady was poor and needed the inspection written in such a way that she
could buy the house she was now renting. She said she had spend all her
money getting the government loan processed and all the fees… and now
all THEY required was a passing home inspection.

She told me if she did not get a “good” inspection report, then the lender
would refuse her loan, causing her and the three kids to be homeless.

The house as a “shack on blocks” and she was desperate for me to
“please the lender” with my report.

I told her that I did not want to be the one who caused her and the
kids to be homeless with a negative report.

She, and her mother got mad.
I walked away in relief.

Other than that… I LOVE the idea of walking away from some
folks who have a really bad attitude. I have dreams about how
sweet it is…

I don’t care how cluttered or messy the rooms are…I’ve seen everything.

It’s very easy to inspect cluttered rooms. Simply note (on your report) what you can see and can’t see and move on.

I didn’t walk away but wish I had…what a dump! This was just the beginning.
Mackie photos 052.jpg Mackie photos 057.jpg

The closest I came was a couple of months ago when a clent showed up with both fathers, a brother, and a couple aunts and uncles, all experts, all with “wat abouts”, “did you see this”, “don’t you think”, “waht are you writing down”, etc… I took by clients aside and told them there were too many people and too many “Bosses” and that I could and would not complete the Inspection with all the interference. They apologized and sent the family to lunch and I completed the inspection, after I was done the Realtor took me to lunch as an apology for allowing so many people to tag along.

I’ve never walked away from one once I got there but I’ve turned down a couple on the phone. Last one was from a fellow whose first thru fifth questsions were about E&O insurance coverage, what it covered, what it did not, etc. I quoted him a price triple the normal for his size home. He passed and went on to call some other sucker.

How sweet it is.

Last time I saw a place like Mike B’s was 8 years ago and as I came to the front door there was a dog tied up outside with open sores that had maggets crawling on top.I felt grossed out till the lady opened the door and said follow me to the back.There was a pile of garbage and junk to wade through with no lights on.When reaching the hallway in the middle of the house I saw a crib with the young child playing with a dead rat.I may have made some guttoral excuse before getting out of that place as fast as I could where upon I immediatly called DCFS,and reported child abuse.Some people are worse than animals and should be treated as such.

Why were you inspecting my house? :shock: :shock: :shock:

I like the way you Think:) :slight_smile: