Why I test the water pressure

I heard the buyers comment on how great the water pressure was. I know why. I did find a couple of leaks and the t&p valve was brand new!

Brand new 20 years ago!

Do I see copper, brass, black iron, galvanized and PVC pipe and fittings all within about 18 inches of run on that service? Does that win some sort of award for most materials used in the least space?

Nice rusty old galvanized fittings on those supply lines. BTW…that is a pressure regulator, not a temperature and pressure relief valve.

Scott, I know thats the regulator. The reference for the valve was because of the pressure. The new one was leaking slightly. They replaced the old one more than likely becuase of this. I suggested that a licensed plumber fix all and inspect further.

Sorry…forgot to paste James comment into a quote. That part of my comment was directed at his response.