Why PEX will be recalled

Here is more proof that PEX is subject to damage from rodents. I predict that it will be recalled or subject to class a toon lawsuits just like PB.

Is PEX the problem or are the rodents the problem.

If your going to put PEX on the recall list, then you might as well put all other building materials on that list.

Rodents can cause damage to just about anything In a house i.e. wiring, framing, insulation, mortar, drywall, other types of plumbing materials etc.

Rodent control and rodent proofing is key. Stop them from getting in and I bet the damage will stop.

I have to agree with Mike ,Rodents are the problem not Pex. BTW i think the foam insulation is the problem .

Excellent point. I agree. Rodents can damage lots of stuff.

That won’t stop lawyers from suing.

Who will they sue ? A rodent?

I understand some call lawyers RODENTS

PEX (high density polyethylene) has been used in Europe for 4.5 decades.

PEX plumbing has been in use in Europe since about 1970, and was introduced in the U.S. around 1980. The use of PEX has been increasing ever since, replacing copper pipe in many applications, especially radiant heating systems installed in the slab under floors or walkways. Interest in PEX for hot and cold water plumbing has increased recently in the United States.

If the rodent will chew on PEX it will chew on electrical insulating material me thinks.
In a situation where rodents are active, recommend the PEX be introduced into a conduit. Keep the crawlspace rodent Free.

What law suite are you talking about. The one already here?

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Good one! I may appreciate that one more than others, after dealing with them for so many years. Thanks for the laugh.

[tongue in cheek] I believe you are correct, but I expect the class action to begin with wall framing. After all, termites really love that stuff.

CA is pretty crazy when it comes to litigation, but I don’t believe this will ever make it past an attorneys desk.

Stop using nut oil for lube.

Linas… is that you? :shock:

Ha ha ha… Nut oil…ha ha ha

Was thinking back to my time with utility companies and how squirrel chew damage was so common we figured the manufacturers
were rubbing the casings with nut oil to sell more product.:slight_smile:

That was crazy Bob.

I work seismic geophysical for Petro Canada for a contract. Wild dogs and rabbits would chew 1/4 mile trace cables with 52 bundled separate wires that attach to a computer. 8 cables in a 2 mile grid. Oil Exploration.
Every cable was $3,000 dollars.

We use vinegar but that did not work. We used Javax bleach at the end. That stopped them.
The sweat salts from retracting cable by hand would attract them. Even if it was -30 I would pull cable in bare hands. 2 miles in 30-40 minutes standing in a hopper box as the truck moved at 2 to 5+ miles an hour.

Ah the good old fun days.

Yes Bob. Hard work and an honest effert meant something. Even to your boss.
Today’s world has changed.
I am still longing for the days when a cold beer and warm women meant you were seeing double and feeling single. It meant all was OK with the world.:slight_smile: At least till you went to work and saw her that evening.
Night Bob. You have the late night shift tonight.
I have an 1600 sq.ft. in the morning. The forecast, -13 at 7"00 am. Like bloody summer mate! Sure beats last weeks shaq and -32 exterior envelope.
Still looking for Mr. Johnson.:eek:

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Interesting article by Jeff Pope

The brass fittings on Wirsbo plumbing are failing. Cause of class action lawsuit.

And here is the lawsuit website:


OK. So I was wrong about the rodents. But the fittings are the cause of a lawsuit. Just like PB.

And history repeats again…