Is Pex plumbing an issue? I hear the topic being brought up from time to time, and looked online but is it an issue or a reason not to use it. In my area the re-pipe houses all the time and use Pex. Just curious and looking for my info other then what I have found on google. Thanks

Rodents love the taste of it. Good product if installed correctly.

Steven it can be if it was installed in the 90’s. Stuff like Uponor, Zurn, etc that used brass fittings has ongoing or prior class action suits against them, as do alot of other manufacturers. Just have to watch when it was installed and what fittings it uses. I have not heard any issues with plastic fittings on PEX when installed properly.

Awesome, thanks for the information.

PEX is all the builders use up here.

as long as its installed correctly (like anything I suppose) it is fine. Better than copper, I think.

Have to disagree with one of the posts above. Most of the PEX fittings are brass. PEX is considered one of the best ways to plumb a house these days. I have never seen any problem with Pex or its fittings.