Why The Early Slow Down?

I spoke with my call center rep yesterday and he said inspections have slowed down earlier than usual. The annual slow down usually comes in Oct/Nov. What’s up?

Back to school?

People beginning to understand something is wrong?

We have burned through those able to come up 20% down?

Who knows.

July was very busy for me, above average. Almost twice what I did this year.
August slowed down to below average. Only about 2/3’s what I did last year.
September; first week I was on vacation. This week is below average.
YTD I am about 25 inspections behind last years pace. I am on pace to bring in the same $$$.

I cam across this article yesterday. It looks like foreclosuresare on the rise again!

I saw the same slow down, but the last two weeks I have been slammed. 15 inspections in the last 2 weeks. Maybe it will pick up. All I know is the banks are a pain in the a-- . I have recently had 3 inspections get delayed due to changes in financing. There are still programs providing mortgages to people who should not be getting a home, while the average person has to jump through all kinds of hoops to get one. Our government learned NOTHING from 2008 and Dodd- Frank!

Glad its is not just me this is the first week of the year that I have had time off.
Good time to play some catch up.

Pretty busy still in my neck of the woods. I’ve got a full schedule(14) for next week lined up. Lots of 1st home time buyers still sifting through Foreclosures and Sandy damaged homes for deals.

Always slows down around labor day Linas.
Just glad I picked up a few large building jobs last week.
This week the slowdown hit.

Look at your calendar and the weather.

Every area is different of course.

Slow down the week before school started and back at full steam for now. Hopefully it keeps up through December.

About the same thing here.

Very quiet here as well. It usually lasts a week or two then picks back up until the Holidays.

me too, this year has been crazy busy

Sounds like you need one of these. :stuck_out_tongue: Triple your business in less than seven days.



Still a 2-3 week full schedule.

Most clients are on 5 days.
Please explain how one books 3 weeks in advance.
The furthest I ever booked is for the following week on standby.

Not all negotiations are for a 5 day inspection contingency. Many are for 14 days or more. And then there are FIBOs that I’ve seen give 1 month to get all the inspections, etc. done.
Different in different areas, I suppose.

me as well. :smiley:

September is the slowest here… Then the pickup Oct, Nov, Dec… Then the explosion… Jan, Feb, March, then the slow down for the summer. Some stay or get even more busy in the summer because so many snow birds want stuff done while they are gone. The worse the weather up north the busier it seems to be down here.

That’s typical in our area.
I’ve never booked any more than 10 days in advance, and we’ve both been at this for 8 or 9 years.

I am a busy guy but in all my years maybe 4 have booked 14 days or more out and that was only because some parties were on vacation or something.

For the 14 days or more negotiation to get the inspection done, everyone in their right mind gets the inspection booked ASAP so all repairs can be done ASAP.

I don’t know how it works everywhere but it don’t work like that here.