WI - New CO and Smoke Detectors Rules 2-01-2011

Department of Commerce press release
CO Detectors Required Statewide Beginning February 1
All one- and two-family dwellings will be required to install carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to comply with changes in Chs. Comm 21 and 28, Wis. Adm. Code. The rule changes are in response to 2009 Act 158, enacted March 10, 2010, and follow a similar requirement for multi-family dwellings.

“According to the American Medical Association, CO poisoning is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the US,” said Department of Commerce Secretary Paul Jadin. “CO alarms have shown their effectiveness in alerting occupants to the presence of this poisonous gas.”

One-and two-family dwellings for which a building permit is issued on or after February 1, 2011 require carbon monoxide alarms that are interconnected and directly wired to the dwelling’s electrical service, with a backup battery supply. Existing dwellings may use battery-powered, stand-alone alarms. The alarms must be installed in the basement and on each floor level except the attic or garage. The law applies only to dwellings that contain CO sources… CO sources may include, but are not limited to, garages, heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, appliances or cooking sources using coal, wood, petroleum products, or other fuels emitting CO as a by-product of combustion.

What are the specifics for distance from bedrooms,furnaces, and placement in high rises at what distance from a main boiler ?

From the press release.

Seems like a cop out.
That does not actually answer anything.

The manufactures installation instructions always supersedes any code requirements.

But I know you know that.:wink:

OK show me one instruction sheet that dictates exact placement and which floors in a high rise.

Not true.
If you read the manufacturers instructions they give( recommendations only) and in Illinois they are required only 15 feet from bedrooms.

And the WI code now says one per floor.

Isn’t that clear?


So if the building is all electric with a gas appliance in the basement the entire building must have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors ? (100 stories included)?

What if different manufacturers recommend placement differently.
Will you now be climbing on a ladder to remove each one and check or look up special instructions for each model?

Your diagram does not show placement in the bedrooms them selves yet all manufacturers recommend placement there.

Do you fail to see a dilemma or simply choose to ignore it?

They are not required in residential bedrooms anywhere that I know of.

Use your judgment Bob. We all have to every day.

The new code requirement is for 1 an 2 dwelling buildings.

Wisconsin has other rules for multi unit buildings and rental rooms.

According to the NFPA

Safety Tips
• Install smoke alarms in every bedroom,
outside each separate sleeping area and
on every level of the home, including the
basement. Interconnect all smoke alarms
throughout the home. When one sounds,
they all sound

I was referring to CO alarms.

Smoke detectors have been required in bedrooms for some time now in new construction.

I recommend combination units that need to be replaced every 5 years.(new to me)
Interesting because the First alert people suggest replacing smoke after 10 years but combo half that time.

When the manufacturer’s instructions vary from the code or ordinance requirements, one must go with the instruction that is most stringent. Always.

It is because of the CO sensor Bob. It is more acceptable for problems than smoke or Fire