Will those 5 police officers get the same 22-year sentence as Dereck Chauvin?

Fair is fair.

Flashbacks of Rodney King, eh?

For me, this is a classic case of lack of training amongst other things. But this situation should have been identified for what it was long before the beating began. (imagine the disorientation in the darkness, siren lights, multiple people, multiple commands, etc.)

There are similarities with the Tyre’s behavior and Excited delirium syndrome (ExDS).

Derek Chauvin overheard one of his junior fellow officers give the wrong code to the ambulance which indicated there was no need to rush… Derk Chauvin then changed that code to tell the ambulance to run the lights and come fast.

He clearly had no intent to kill George Floyd, yet despite murder requiring intent… he was convicted of murder and sentenced to 22 years in prison. 22 years!

Equal treatment under the law requires these 5 police officers to be sentenced to 22 years or more. They beat this kid, they didn’t just restrain him.

Yeah, well my opinion is different than yours on that. According to wiki
Chauvin was found guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter

Also, according to wiki
Second-degree murder
Any intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned. A situation in which the killer intends only to inflict serious bodily harm, knowing this could result in death but with no specific intent to kill, also constitutes second-degree murder. “Depraved-heart murder”, in which the killer has no specific intent to inflict harm but knowingly commits acts with a high probability of causing death or serious harm, demonstrating a malignant indifference to human life, is typically second-degree murder.[18]

So, it was not first degree murder as you alluded to.


And it should be kept in mind, the law varies from state to state. TN and MN may have varying degrees and different punishments.

I know in GA, if you are a party to a crime in which a murder takes place and did not “cause” the murder, you can be charged with 2nd Degree murder and serve up to 30 years in prison.


I watched the videos. Chauvin wasn’t trying to (intent) kill anyone. He’s guilty of manslaughter, not murder.

Anyway, who gets 22 years for unintentional second-degree murder??? I know a guy who was convicted of murder one and got out in 8 years.

And now because they overcharged and over-sentenced Chauvin, these 5 police officers have to go to prison for at least the same (if not more as they actually beat their victim).


Embarrassingly, these 5 police officers don’t get sentenced to 22 years or more, in which case we know that “equal treatment under the law” is B.S.

I look forward to seeing what poison they pick.

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They murdered that poor kid.
Conviction should give them a firing squad.


Such a good point Tom. And, the judge, jury etc. will also be different.

The Federal Civil Rights case may show some unsuspected contrast.

So, let me get this straight…

A black cop, who shot an unarmed white woman with virtually no criminal background but was part of a violent mob in the commencement of a crime, should have been charged and convicted of murder.

A white cop, who killed an unarmed black man with a criminal background while committing a non violent crime of passing a fake $20 bill, by placing his knee on the suspects carotid artery for 30 minutes until he slowly lost consciousness and died, was “over charged and over sentenced”.

Because you like to draw distinctions and make comparisons along political and ideological lines, I can’t help but wonder why you presume the five black Memphis police officers will not receive an equitable sentence.


Check back when they are sentenced. Want to wager $20 or something to make it fun? No way on planet earth are they are sentenced to 22 years in prison or anything close… DESPITE the fact that they intentionally beat a non-criminal. Dereck Chauvin unintentionally killed a scumbag who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while he assaulted and robbed her. The 5 police officers did way worse than Chauvin but nevertheless won’t get anywhere near the same stiff sentence, and I have $20 that says I’m right.

Sure, I’m in for $20. I’m saying at least one of them is sentenced for 22 years or more. Agreed?

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Yes, agreed. And I pray you win our bet.

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Can you imagine the long list of police brutality this crew got away with before they acquired the confidence to execute this kid in broad daylight with their body cameras rolling? I’m not normally in favor of the death penalty but in this case the public deserves a little bit of retribution. Though whatever their sentence, to survive it will be served in isolation far away from the world they once controlled, not in general population as targets of revenge.


Me too, but not for the sake of winning a bet. Just the second degree murder alone they could face a sentence of up to 60 years in prison each. I just can’t see a jury slapping them on the wrist for that.

hmmm…more “brotherhood” protection?

Again, keep in mind different states and jurisdictions. TN is 15 to 60 years for 2nd degree murder, MN, I think, is 15 to 40 years.

Also keep in mind the various other charges. If found guilty of multiple charges, sentencing for each charge could run concurrent or consecutively with the other offense. So, realistically, someone can serve more than 22 years on multiple charges, so place your bets wisely.

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