Krazy Kenyan should pardon Plaxico Burris

Burris’s 2 year sentence is ridiculous.

I call upon the Krazy Kenyan to pardon him.

Does no one care about this ridiculous sentence?

Don’t think he reads this MB, Joe.

Least you didn’t put this in Members Only (not for everyone), in case he does. :roll:

He can read?!!?

Well carrying a unlicensed gun in a night club and careless handling . Let see what if it killed a innocent by stander … If he wasn’t a famous sports guy would there be the same concern? i do not think so , I am sure there is a lot of lesser crimes with more time being served than this. Carrying a loaded gun in your waste band not to smart , Could he not buy a holster. Trying to be a tough guy that is all it is.

Plaxico was a f@cking idiot for what he did and it seems he got what he deserved. I loved him when he was a Steeler but he should have had some other Stooge carry heat for him. What was he thinking?

Well for me i am sick of the jocks getting away with crap the rest of us would get time for just because they are famous .No excuse No special treatment . Maybe they will think with head for a change.

Idiocy should not be punishable by two years in prison. If it were, the prison population would be greater than the non-prison population.

The only person he hurt was himself. Two years on top of that is piling on.

No kidding based on the last election.:wink:

what Kills me is if your A famous Jock what ever can be forgiven, If it was just a Low life for the slum it is ok to throw the book at him or her. What gives?

You can demonstrate the truth of your statement perhaps?

Or are you just making up statistics to prove your own point:roll:

Check the news Micheal famous get off a lot easier .

Or get made an example of because of their fame.

Which is it? Stats please.

It can go that way sometimes not often though. They may get the same sentence, but to often a shorten term. Anyway people will comment Oh he is getting side railed or he got way to stiff of a sentence. Act like a gang banger get sentenced like a gang banger

The idiocy and poor judgement resulted in a crime which was punishable by up to 15 years but obviously Burress was satisfied with the deal as he copped a plea. Piling on? I don’t think so. He’ll be out in less than six months.

If I choose to carry a weapon legally, there is a high level of responsibilty that comes with that. For the right to carry I am willing to accept that burden of responsibility. It disturbs me to think that the SERIES of foolish acts such as those committed by Burress, might provide ammunition to those who want to take my right to carry away.

He got what he deserved. :wink:

Like Leona Helmsley, Phil Spector, Plaxico Burress, Michael Vick, John Dean, Dan Rostenkowski, Randy Cunningham, Bill Clinton . . . ooops, sorry, that’s a famous person who should have gon to jail . . . Mark Rich . . . oops, that’s a famous person who another famous person who should have gone to jail pardoned.

If it was a crime to get BJ Mr Ferry 50% of America would be in jail.
I hope you do not feel This clown deserves to walk free , If it was Licensed and holstered and safely carried that would be a total different subject. I believe it is Ok to carry a gun where it is legal and is done in the proper fashion . None of this was the case. Just like the one in FL that ran over the guy on his way home from work.

Lets not forget Martha Stewart did some time at the crossbar hotel as well. I think it depends more on 'where" you run afoul the law rather than who you are. Rich folks can afford the big shot lawyers but as we see, sometimes it does not matter how much money and fame you got. If you get a judge and jury that isn’t brain dead, you stand a good chance of doing some time. How often do we hear of career criminals who should be locked away forever are let out time and again only to do more crimes. The only reason you don’t hear about them until they finally do something so heinous it gets in the news. The famous people get caught DUI and the tabloids go nuts over it. I think O.J. may have been operating under the idea that the famous get off every time and found that to be in error. I saw his face at this last trial, he was shocked when they found him guilty…butta… butta they let me off last time!

You can’t include Leona Helmsley in there. She paid over $100 million in taxes for the year she was indicted (on April 15 btw, sentenced April 15 a year later) and the IRS took until she completed her jail sentence to inform her of the news:

After a full forensic audit… they owed her money, and had to refund her 3 million additional dollars.

Woman deserves a congressional medal of honor.

The BJ is irrelevant but the lying under oath was and is the problem and in fact is a crime.

Every time this issue is raised the liberals cry BJ when that was never the issue. How sad.