Note to drivers: Got drugs in car? Dont honk at cops

This has gotta be one of the biggest dumbf*ucks out there…Yep!

“Rance James Shannon blared his horn at cops and emergency vehicles and was found with multiple guns and drugs in his car.”

Note to drivers: Got drugs in car? Don’t honk at cops - News - - Gainesville, FL

Like those idiots that smoke dope while speeding and running drugs from State to State :roll:

Something Stoner Steve or the JB’s would do :smiley:

There are too many of them born every day!

And it is sure as hell going to be a problem in the future. Dumbass Dems keep reproducing by the dozens and anyone they let in OUR Country becomes one. We nee to take them out this midterm and #NEVEAGAIN let them get close to having any sort of electoral power. They are lower than whale sh-t.

I thought that there was a regulation that prevented felons from having firearms? The story is suspect because existing gun control laws prevented him from having access to firearms.

And they ALL think MORE Laws is the answer???
I’ll NEVER GET THEM :frowning:

Ha ha ha :slight_smile:
Good one Chuck :slight_smile: