Wind Mit #17

You make the call. You are doing a wind mit for a center unit with gable in the front(See the pictures). There are units back to back, separated at the ridge with an internal fire wall. Do you call it Hip or Non-hip? Why?





Without doing any math it appears to be hip to me. Although there are a bunch of small 1/2 gables in the rear. Total building perimeter = TOTAL building perimeter, not just one unit.

I agree with Kevin. The whole building would need to be measured.

It will take you over an hour just to measure that building. And all for $75.00. Hope you are getting at lest $300 for it.

Correct the *whole *building needs to be measured. Once you measure two of the units it gets simple.

Ah, lovely Oakwood Villas off Sheaf Ave. Beautiful Palm Bay Florida. They are all gable I want to rate them that because there is so much termite damaged framing concealed they are going to fall apart in the “big one”. And by the way after you measured it which way did it go?

It was hip