Wind mit nailing

Home built in 1991, the previous owner that is selling the house installed a metal roof this year, and just was permitted and closed by the county. While up in the attic I seen 8D nails spaced 6 inchs apart, but also staples where seen as well in certain areas, what should I select, A or C.

In that case it was likely originally staples now you see 8D and it beeps every 6 or less and it was re-roofed so…8D every 6X6=…I know you know that one :slight_smile:

I would go with the 8D nails as they weren’t a requirement in 1991.

Here is a roof redone in 2006…

Man, you need a new camera…

@Steve, a retrofit trumps the old fastening method, same with roof to wall connections.

Noting wrong with the camera…something went wrong when they got uploaded.

After contacting the building department in PSL, it appears a few roofs “slipped through the cracks” and got renailed with staples. This is one of them.

You do know that renailing the decking was not required in 2006, right? That does not look like a renail.

It was required in 2004 in several cities in Broward and Palm Beach counties.
Here is one of many roofs. This was put on in December 2005. There are plenty more.

The guy at the PSL office couldn’t remember if it was 2004 or later. This roof was done in March 2006. I know it was in the 2007 building code.

I keep forgetting you guys play by different rules down there. In the rest of the state, renailing went into effect 10/01/2007 for existing decks. The 8d - 6/6 code for new builds was in effect way before that.


And, the actual question about the renailing was, when did staples become no longer accepted. The PSL building department wasn’t sure.

Right after Andrew and the next code cycle - 1994. Went to 8d - 6/12 with 6/6 nailing on certain zones of the roof.

That is what I thought, but I haven’t been able to find an exact reference which states, “staples are not permitted”.

I know the 1996 code changed the requirement for the nails and pattern, but I don’t remember seeing anything about staples not being allowed. It also addresses reroofs which even then, required to be renailed if taken down to the decking.