8D nails or not?

Hey guy just wanted to get your opinion on this. This is on a wind mitigation I did earlier today. It’s a newer metal roof, plywood thickness was 7/16th inch previously had staples but was re nailed to what in my opinion appears to be 8D nails but when I measured it it was only 1 1/2 inches rather than the 2 inches that is usually seen with 8D nails. Am I wrong in assuming that this is still 8D ?

Look like 6D ringshank to me.


I see a 1/2 crown 2 in. staple and a 2 in. 6D ring-shank nail. An 8D nail is 2 1/2 inches long.

Actually I just looked up the roofing permit, it’s from 2015 (which tells me they should be 8D) and the permit description says that the metal roof was done over existing shingle roof, which I’m thinking would explain why the nail only has 1 1/2 exposed rather than 2 inches

That’s what I thought as well but as I told Jeffrey after pulling the permit I’m leaning back towards the 8D since the metal roof was done over existing shingle, am I correct in thinking that is why there is only 1 1/2 exposed rather than 2 inches or more ?

Next time, keep looking.
There are almost always shiners somewhere up there that more clearly show the whole fastener.

If you don’t know …I’m not telling you…Nope!

Only 'cause you don’t know yourself, nope!


What type of metal roof?

What is the thickness of the plywood?

7/16 th inch

I agree with Jeffrey then

Screws for the metal, staples for the roofing and 2" ring nails for the plywood sheathing would be my opinion.


Permit is from 2015 shouldn’t it be 8D by code ? Permit description says “reroof, metal over existing shingles” since it’s metal over the shingles wouldn’t that effect the length of the nail that would be exposed and visible in the attic ?
And I really appreciate everyone’s feedback ! And I don’t have a problem with marking 6D in the report I just want to make sure if it qualifies I mark the correct option on the form.

I see that you have looked at the permit. Does your county even allow for metal over roof shingles?

Yes I understand it’s allowed some places but not all.

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This is what you’ve got:

roof framing > roof sheathing > shingles > metal roof

1: 6D ring shank nails used to secure sheathing to the roof framing
2: Staples to secure old shingles to the sheathing
3: Screws to secure metal roof through old shingles and to the sheathing (not in your picture)

If this does not make sense, time to pack bags and go home :smiley:


IMO either there is more than one layer of shingles there or it’s a 6d nail.

Ring nails are not used to install shingles, why would two layers make a difference?