Wind Mit renewal cse??

Does anyone know what cse I can take to satisify the FL 2CE requirement for wind mit? Already took the 16 hour cse but not during the past two years. Is there a short cse they will accept?

Michelle turned me on to Contractors Institute. They have a 2 hour wind mit course you can take online for $49. I had to take it in order to renew my license.

$49 is a bit high for 2ce’s. I was hoping NACHI would have some other cse approved. What do you think Nick?

If you have already taken the NACHI course in the past just re-take the test. It takes 15 minutes.

I guess there is no value in education

We don’t want to start intentionally developing mini-courses just to inspectors can do the minimum their state requires. Lots of great courses in

Nick: As required, us NACHI members take a mulitude of NACHI courses. I was just asking if there was some other cse besides the 16 hr Wind Mit cse that would qualify for the 2 hr FLDBPR HI renewal? Perhaps the Hail & Wind Damage to Property cse. You would know what cses are approved by FL. Thanks.

This is the entire approved list with contact names and numbers.