Wind mit class

After taking the Florida Wind mit course from Nachi. Do I need to send my results to anyone in the insurance industry or anything like that to show that I am a home inspector and can do wind mitigations?

check out the Fl Nachi page, they had a link to the Citizens HI registration.

Thank you.

Post you cert on your cover page or something as well for all non citizens companies. Kind of like I do for TRADITIONAL 4 POINTS regarding the electrical section.

I was worried about you Mike! Haven’t heard from you in a while! :smiley:

Still around but tired of all the crap. How ya healing?

Fully healed and getting stronger. working out at the gym 5 days a week and running two.

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Glad to hear you are doing well.

I bid another stucco project the other day from a Major builder some homes 9000 Square feet and they were tossing the stucco guy out of their high end stuff “at least that was their story” but he still had their 3 other communities in the project.

Got my name from a guy in their company who knows about our quality and service yet he was surprised when my price was 50% percent higher.

I believe the guy took the project to low and he himself walked. The builders no longer want to pay a fair price for quality and service and contract with folks that they know are not really legit to the bones and they just have the subs sub turn in fake insurance docs. Automatic 38% difference right there.

New Construction is in a bad bad way :frowning:

I took your advice John and went to the Fl nachi page and found the email listed to contact citizens, I have since sent them 2 e-mails and I have heard nothing back. I then went to the main page and sent customer service an e-mail and they could not answer my question instead send me a link if I want to become a vendor of service which really had nothing to do with doing wind mits. So to the newer guys in Florida, what have you done to perform wind mits did you contact citizens to prove you can do the work or do you just attach your cert of completion to each one.

I did not do anything. If they need to see a copy they just have to ask.

Put your license number on the 4th page of the form like it asks

Lic#/Wind Cert # on page 4 good to go