Wind Mit - Roof to Wall Attachment

While doing a wind mit yesterday I encountered a home that had single strap RTW at the bond beam. However the roof was attached to the gable frame with clips. See photos. Would you label this as Cat B or C? My inclination is that the roof-gable frame connection is the weak point, therefore clips.

Good question. I would thinks clips.

Pic 2 is not roof to wall pic

Do you consider gable end attachments for RTW?

Good point! It is still a vertical wall attachment isn’t it.

I used to be a QA inspector for the MSFH program.
We were trained (back then) gables were not part of RTW to consider.

What is MSFH?


mysafefloridahome… the program that started the whole wind mitigation thing.

Thank you Marc and others. So does this mean that you would not consider the clip attachment of the roof rake to the gable as a consideration; rather, gable base to wall is the point to consider?

correct for wind mitigation inspection purposes.


What areas do you cover?

Tampa Bay area, as part of Certified Home Inspectors of West Florida, Inc.

Cool. I just always like to know what areas guys around here cover.

Just got back & received this email spam.
Whadda ya think Meek?
I’ve highlighted on the info sheet:
“Foamseal adhesive can also bring roofs with inefficient nailing attachments… back up to code”

It seems like they’re stating an older roof deck attachment that is more
than every 6 inches can be upgraded to FBC compliant.
Try to tell the insurance carrier that on the report!
What if the nails are only 6D.

Roy, the State of Florida passed a law & funded the training of hundreds of inspectors 
to go out thru the state & perform 300,000 free WindMits. 
They had a 1/2 billion dollar budget.
Called My Safe Florida Home. It was run by the Dept of Financial Services/Office of Insurance Regulation.
We had to measure every opening (widows/doors, garage overhead doors, etc), structure dimensions, along with roof construction design & gable bracing (if any).
It was a fun time with TONS of work.

   [FONT=Calibri]I'm  with Foamseal Hurricane Adhesives. We are the distributors of a very strong  closed cell polyurethane foam adhesive that is patented to be sprayed from the  inside of an attic to the underside of a wood roof deck for hurricane  protection. The Foamseal product will provide homeowners with two discounts on  their wind storm insurance which can total up to 35% of their current premium.  Most insurance companies offer a secondary water barrier discount along with a  superior roof sheathing attachment discount when using our product. This can all  be achieved without disturbing the roof covering. We have some information about  our product attached to this email. You can also visit our website at []( We have  installers all over the state that can deploy our product in a timely fashion.  You can reach me anytime on my cell at 561-628-5108 or at the office at  561-951-1976. 
Thank you for your time.
    Foamseal Hurricane  Adhesives
  Rob Bethke
  cell (561)  628-5108

![Foamseal info.jpg|617x500](upload://3Vj4LUoQsNCfOowrv63zaDAwblt.jpeg)

I have never personally seen it but I here there is a good product that basically acts like super-gluing the roof deck to the trusses and it does count for SWR BUT I would need a spec sheet or something from the manufacturer to mark C for roof deck attachment.

I sent a message to the “WindMit Guru” that was in charge of the MSFH program. He says it works!

 **Works, has been  around since the 90's

   Darius H  Grimes CRC, CSI-CDT, CWMI
 Disaster-Smart  Consulting Inc](](](
 888 WMIT PRO  
 (888)  964-8776
 Cell (850)  748-0565**

Foam Seal does qualify for RDA -“C” and SWR. Don’t see it much around here.

John F, do not use the clips on the outlookers for consideration of RTW. Probably should be a consideration, but currently it is not.

I received the same email this morning, I didn’t know what it was about.

Got it! I just didn’t know what the abbreviation was.

So what came of this?

The “clips” for the fly rafter framing on the gable wall should not be considered for roof to wall.