Wind Mitigation question

After completing wind mit and stating roof geometry as C (other roof) 52/296 client shows me old form which inspector market it a HIP roof. The flat roof is connected to main house roof not fascia. Am I correct to state “Other Roof” ? on old form it may have qualified as FLAT > 10% but new form I think I’m correct. Any input appreciated. Thanks

Other :slight_smile:

Your right. I would put other.

It does not qualify as hip on the current form

The old form is irrelevant.

Should have been “flat” on the old form. New form…“other”.

I guess that sums it up we all agree :slight_smile:

If the flat sections (Unenclosed) do not penetrate the exterior walls…and it appears that they stop at the exterior walls…then I am led to believe that they do not enter into the equation.


You are scaring me. Those flat sections are tied into the main roof. Easily seen by the picture

I will be glad to do any wind mits you need done for you :slight_smile: :wink:

Thats what I thought , but I don’t do to many of them.

The rafters of that flat roof are installed “over” the exterior bearing wall. This automatically defers to “structurally attached” status. If they were on a ledger on the face of the exterior wall, they would not be structurally attached to the main roof system. Anytime you see the roof line intersect of the flat rafters above the fascia line of the main sloped roof, chances are great you have a structurally attached porch roof. Make sense?