Wind Mitigation Reports

I have talked to several people who do re-inspections for the wind mitigation program and they stated that a couple of our members are still lost at how to complete the form. Our organization as with all organizations, we need to up the professionalism.

What really upset me about this is that all the information has been given time and again and is on this site. I had a question the other day, took a picture with my phone sent it out and had a reply within minutes to the question.

There is absolutely no reason to perform them improperly. Take the course several times, ask questions, if not here on the public forum, the private message some of the people who do a ton of these, such as John Shishilla, Preston Halstead, Myself, Jay Murray, or anyone else.

Lets elevate the profession and the standard and there is NO EXCUSE to perform them improperly.

Many who read these forums are worried about not appearing to know everything.

Any time anyone brings up anything, weather it is a question or not their professionalism is called into question. I feel it is pretty hard to know everything when the rules, definitions and OPINIONS change daily.

Very few will volunteer for the ridicule and feel their business reputation will be compromised by the asses that communicate most here.

I get the calls and emails on a weekly basis of those seeking honest opinions.

The thing is that almost every inspector in fla is a nachi member, remember grandfathering? I think a couple clueless members is an understatement

Anyone else going to the York class in Sunrise tomorrow?

Bert I was going to but I called him and it took about 5 days to get back to me. I guess this goes with the customer service thread. If your that busy and cannot return a call then God Bless. I was going with 6 people, o well, I shall just do 5 inspections and 3 molds today. One thing that drives me absolutely insane is having the call and call and beg to give my money away.

Only 2 inspections for me today Russell!:frowning:
And it is Pirates weekend at the RenFest, which we never miss!

We’re 18 days in and they’re already reinspecting the new form?? I was told that they were always 60 to 90 days behind.

Are we sure that all of the reinspectors are performing the inspections properly? I’m jus sayin…:wink:

Question about roof deck attachment:

I found 6d nails spaced 6" in the field, is that considered of equal strength to 8d nails spaced 12" in the field?

I would like to be able to check box B for the client, but I think 6d spaced 6/6 is weaker than 8d spaced 6/12

Craig Howard
CMH Home Inspections

Unless your can prove one of the following:

I think you are going to be limited to this below:

Hey Russ. Sorry just revisited this thread. I went to the class yesterday and must say it was very good. I hadn’t been to one of his classes before and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Not to make any excuses for York Russ but, he mentioned at the class yesterday his wife passed away this past November and he has moved from Orlando back to South Carolina. Even started consulting work for a large testing company there. I can see him being overwhelmed.
He did present a good class. Long as heck! from 8 sharp to 5 with an hour break for lunch. 70 question exam at the end with 2 hours to complete, if needed. They graded right there. Had to score a 90 to pass (I scored 96). Most importantly was just reviewing the form and getting other’s input on filling it out. He has a system by which he actually marks the number of openings covered/uncovered to help the person reviewing the form get a better understanding of the situation. I’ll post a sample later today. Mind you, this is just a recommendation “he” makes. No way should anyone feel they need to do it this way. He makes a few recommendations like that one which someone may or may not feel benefits them.
Overall I’m glad I took the course and felt I came out better off than if I hadn’t attended. Everyone’s different and some of us are better served in a classroom environment sometimes to help soak things in.
The course is good for 7 CEU’s toward your State license by the way. I think we aren’t in a renewal cycle and may not be able to use the credits but I didn’t take the course for that reason anyhow. I really just wanted to cement some of the wording and reasons for the changes in the form in my mind. Especially the roof perimeter question and others along that line. Hope more people have an opportunity to attend one of his classes as well.

On a side note…There was one interesting thing I noted. There’s a re-inspection company out of Buffalo, NY that had a representative there. lots of inspectors in attendance were actually performing or getting ready to perform these inspections for them. Out of roughly 35 in attendance over 20 must have raised their hands when asked who was their from this particular company. The name I believe is Mueller? Hope I spelled it right. just thought I’d mention that.


I have heard of mueller from a past employee of theirs and I believe they actually pay weekly to their reinspectors. She is leaving inspection depot and going back to them.

I also took the class yesterday and enjoyed it.I thought the same about him being overwhelmed. The class really helped on geometry and shutters.
I’m gald I went.

I understand being overwhelmed and my heart goes out to him, for I never lost a love one that close to me. I have been overwhelmed and was not getting to my messages in a timely manner. To combat this if you call my cell phone it says thanks for calling, due to my long days and extreme desire to give each and every client my undivided attention I will not be listening to these messages any time soon and will not be returning this call in the near future. Please call my office at #########, and they will be able to give you outstanding immediate service and can either answer your questions or get you an answer to your questions.

Sorry, but it wasn’t fair for my clients to get interupted. Hence I could not give them immediate service, but provided a way for them to do so…

Yes, The person from Mueller did say they strive to pay weekly.


York’s company sucks. I tried contacting them by e-mail and phone numerous times last year and they never replied.