Wind Mitigation Retrofit

Hey guys. I pretty much know the answer to my question but am looking for some validation. We did a wind mitigation inspection on a client’s home (gable roof with concrete block walls) after a new roof was just put on. The roofer cut out the perimeter decking to “add proper strapping” to the roof-to-wall connection. They used a USP strap that says it is only good for wood to wood connections on the strap-makers website. Also, it was connected to the concrete wall via a tapcon that was over 1.5" away from the truss. Just looking for a little help to ensure this is incorrect and will not meet the requirements set out in the minimal conditions for roof-to-wall connections.


In addition to what you’ve observed, retrofit tie downs (roof wall connection) requires a separate permit/inspection.


Do you know if this has to be done through the building department or can this be done via affidavit from the roofer?

They must follow the manufacture’s instillation instructions. That is not a connector you can connect in that manner.

…then why are we looking at a picture of it connected “in that manner”?

Always making statements that are incorrect. You can deviate from the manufacturer’s specifications via several different methods listed within FAC 9B-72. If this is an “Engineered” connection, and it is approved by the Building Official, then yes…it can be used “in that manner”.

The proper response would be if the connector were “engineered” to be installed in that manner, the “location” would be incorrect as it’s fastened to the top of the face cell and not the bond beam. You have heard of “edge-distance”, haven’t you?

No permit? not pass go, do not collect $200. If there’s no permit, there’s no anchor.

You should ask your question here:

We have Engineers and Building Inspectors who can assist you with correct answers.

It must be done with a permit, it may not require a separate permit depending on the AHJ and how they go about putting it together. You would need to check with them.

A “roofer” cannot make this kind of alteration, they would also need to be a Division 1 Contractor: CRC, CBC, CBC, **FSS 489.105(3):

**CC and RC - A “roofing contractor” means a contractor whose services are unlimited in the roofing trade. Roofing contractors have the experience, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or design and use materials and items used in the installation, maintenance, extension, and alteration of all kinds of roofing, waterproofing, and coating, except when coating is not represented to protect, repair, waterproof, stop leaks, or extend the life of the roof. The scope of work of a roofing contractor also includes required roof-deck attachments and any repair or replacement of wood roof sheathing or fascia as needed during roof repair or replacement.

I agree No Good and there is a lot of info on the site Rob has mentioned. It is a very useful resource.

They should have just added a third nail to the strap that was already there. That retrofit is not compliant.

I was thinking the same thing…oh well :roll:

This is why roofers are not qualified to do RTW retrofits. They have to sub this work out to a Div 1 contractor.

Imagine doing it from the Attic??? AHHHHHHHHH not for 10 grand on a average 3/2 1965 florida house.