Wind mitigation roof attachment

I was asked to review a prior inspection completed 2 years ago. This inspector did not give single strap credit due to being more than a 1/2 inch gap from the truss. Any thoughts? Are you able to tell from this picture if he was correct?

Looks like it, but not by much. Too close to call without a measuring device on it.

Had one like that last week, missed it by one strap. That is all it takes.

That doesn’t look like a photo of the “roof to wall” attachment.


Agree with Dom, that was my first impression. Brad what are we not seeing here?

Mine too (intermediate bearing point). Underwriters may assume the same. It is however a roof to wall connection, which may be an interior bearing wall or an exterior wall bearing point of a cantilevered truss…can’t tell from my house.

Looks close but as said you need to measure. Always take a picture of everything. If your going to say it is more than 1/2" off you better have a picture measuring it. Also as Brad said, it could be a cantilevered truss