wind mitigation roof letter

Can anyone please explain to me why we need to submit a letter to the insurance company stating that a tile roof meets the 1994 or 2001 building codes. Why is it that we have to state the obvious (we have already included a copy of the permit or the permit number) for the insurance company to give the discount. All the letter states is that they have a permit and the form does not address tile roofs. I dont get the logic.

I do not do it and never have and never had a problem.

I would also like to think the insurance companies have figured out how unnecessary it is already.

Why do it when it is common knowledge.

The problem is, if you read the answer for letter ‘A’ it says it must meet the building code AND has a product approval demonstrating compliance with ASTM D 3161 OR ASTM D 7158 or FBC TAS 100-95 and 97, or FMRC 4470 or 71 (metal roofs). The problem is the ‘AND’ statement in that definition, as all those testing protocals are for shingle or metal roofs and NOT for tile roofs. So while yes the roof DOES meet the 2001 FBC, it DOES NOT meet the definition on the form and the letter is basically a way to explain that to the layman. Obviously the best idea would be to eliminate the testing verbiage on the back end on the form…but as usual…more wishful thinking.

Everyone should understand this by now at the insurance companies.
The letter is not necessary in my opinion and YES change the form.

whose on first?

Last time I didn’t submit the letter, the agent question the non fbc credit. I assumed everyone knew…what’s the point. The agent called his underwriter and was assured the credit would be given upon submitting the letter. This agent has been in business for 30 yrs.

I submit the letter now.

Bill, Michael,

‘The letter’ as written is meant to deflect calls by the upset homebuyer from the inspector to the insurance agent. It simply explains a very stupid and confusing OIR document to the unsupecting and unknowing homebuyer, esp. those from out of state.

I have never viewed this letter as intended for an insurance person.

I submit the letter on every tile roof after 1994.
It is part of my “12 page” wind mitigation report!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I have heard that some insurers are not giving discounts without the letter, which makes no sense at all

If I am Citizens it makes sence…:roll:

If you are Citizens…then the sky is green! :mrgreen:

A. At a minimum meets the 2001 Florida Building Code or the 1994 South Florida Building Code and has a Miami-Dade NOA or **
FBC 2001 Product Approval listing demonstrating compliance with ASTM D 3161 (enhanced for 110MPH) OR ASTM D 7158 (F, G or H), OR FBC TAS 100-95 and TAS 107-95
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=2], **[/size][/FONT]OR FMRC 4470 and/or 4471 (for metal roofs).

So if it meets code and has a Miami-Dade NOA it is compliant as per the english language. The word “or” means alternative.

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