predomonent roof covering "letter"

Will anyone share with me the information for a letter to attach to my report referencing section 2 predominant roof coverings, that explains while section A does not apply to a tile roof, the roof does comply with the 2001 FBC based on the permit application date?


Second part of that, is a customer relayed to me that Universal was not going to accept such a letter and if line C was checked it was going to affect the policy more negatively than Line B. Any thoughts?

Just because a tile roof was installed under a permit dated after March 1st 2002 does not automatically mean it conforms to the 2001 Florida Building Code.

Didn’t you take Bill York’s class?

Not my Point. I am not stating that it automatically conforms to the code. the point is that if it DOES conform to the code, You still can not answer yes to question A based on the way it is written. even if it DOES meet 2001 fbc

Didnt YOU take his class? Then you would know what type of letter I was speaking about.

Sorry, I misunderstood, send me a quick email and I’ll send you one.

Forget it, I already sent it to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks soo much

Here is a copy I ran through my OCR and converted into a text file for anyone to paste into their letterhead, enjoy.

1802Tile.txt (1.42 KB)

Thank you Mr. Burkeson!