Wind mitigation

Well, if the originator of the form (OIR) refuses to set standards for their own form, what then?

What crazy notion would lead anyone to believe that if you state the date the building permit was pulled you now… “own that structure”? a $10 lawyer would be enough to squash that idiotic idea, no?

Please, you sound like someone who refuses to take his meds. :roll:

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I just finished the wind mitigation course on InterNACHI and was wondering where do I get the Wind Mitigation inspection form?

You can get it here

geeeeeeez. I took the very first interNACHI course and thought it was in the course but I am old and forget. It ought to be pretty good for an inspector to find something so simple.

I know, I’m a jerk but I just can’t help it I guess. Good luck.

The truth is, No One, except the person that built the structure could tell you how it was actually built. Whether it was in compliance, is very difficult to verify, as most of the features are hidden. Even if the construction documents show it designed in compliance with a code, doesn’t mean it was built according to the plans.
very few building officials would take the time to examine the blueprints, most just look at the construction in front of them, and as long as it meets the local code, they will be signing off on the permit.
As far as the 1802 is concerned, no one will be prosecuted, (unless they commit outright fraud), because there is no defining document. The crap the OIR put out is open to interpretation, and as can be seen on this message board, there are a ton of ways to interpret the form.
So despite all the “Chicken Littles”, no one could be successfully prosecuted, because they choose to use a particular interpretation, however far out that interpretation may be.
The form is way too vague to be able to be used as a basis for prosecution, without a defining manual accompanying it, and the OIR have never put out such a document.