wind Mits on iPad

Does any one use ipad to do Wind Mitigation forms?

Not me. convertible laptop with stylus. I can type properly and client can sign :slight_smile:

Solid state drive makes big difference in performance.

They only take five minutes to write on the computer at home

I’d say that around 25-30% of my customers use iPads for Wind Mitigation reports. My WindSurance and Four-Point Premium packages include versions for use on all major platforms so you can try them all and decide which you prefer.

HIP Wind Mitigation works on iPad too.

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 3, I use Qpdf note and John S. Forms. I’m able to take pictures right from my phone. And my client can sign the form right there. Send it to my client right before I leave the property.

Home inspections, I’ll fill out on my phone, but finalize the report on the computer at home, before I send to the client. I like to double check my report.

We have an app that runs on both iPad and android (but ipad/iPhone are more feature rich) and it produces a beautiful report and can do a combo WMIT roof cert or four point WMIT or all three at one time with no overlap of data collection. The reports com to u within seconds of dispatch and its runs offline w no internet connection required.

So do you take your pics with the note too Shawn?

Yes, I use the Camera ICS+ lower the resolution and works great. I use this for my 4-Points and Wind Mitigation. Home Inspections I use my digital camera, as I don’t do on-site reporting.

I use HG for my 4-Points and John S forms for wind mitigation, ICS+ works great:D

We use the iPad/iPhone cameras for many shots but we use EyeFi cards in our Panasonic’s to send photos directly while in the attic and for difficult shots. I have a Samsung too but photo quality is poor compared to iOS devices.

What program would that be Darius?



A proprietary one, lol



Bert, try the HIP wind mit app. We give it away for free, you just need to have our cloud service which covers our storage costs ($20/mo). You don’t need the full version of HIP.

Thanks Dom. I’ll look into it. I didn’t realize or just plain forgot you had a stand alone wind mit app. Thanks again.


No problem. We made it for a group of guys years ago and I just decided to release it to everyone. I run all the updates by John Shishilla and a few other big Florida guys. If you have any questions on it just let us know.