Wind mitigation and 4 point on an iPad

I’ve been using a couple different PDF programs over the years on the computer and the iPad for wind and 4 point reports.

I’ve used the preset templates that John S. put together and shared with us.

I updated my iPad last week to the iOS 9 and immediately the program runs slow for my 4 point and wind templates. The bad thing is that the file sizes are now too large to email.

I used to send links through drop box, but some agents say they can’t open the photos.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Are you printing to pdf after it is completed. Also over the years we have found it faster to use a camera on the smallest picture setting and dropping them in on the form in the computer. Just easier that way. Unlike with home inspections. …

I’m using John S forms on my iPad through PDF Expert with no problem after the OS 9 update. What PDF app are you using?

Home Inspector Pro has a free Wind Mit app, it just requires our cloud service which most of our guys already have.

Thanks Preston
I’ll keep that in mind.
I’ve been using PDF expert.

How many photos per page do you use on your forms?

I’ve been using PDF expert.
After the update, my file sizes were too big to email.
Basically a 7 - 8 page form (3-4 photo) pages.

Thanks for the info.

I updated my software, then when I went to work on a few reports I was struggling. I’ve been using the laptop since.

Maybe it’s my iPad.

Thanks Dominic

I’ll check your website.