Easy Wind Mitigation App

Is anybody using this app? I was wondering as I am having nothing but glitches with PDF Notes Pro. Every time I add the photo to the Notes pro the app force closes and resets, it is starting to get really annoying

Before I pay $50.00 I wanted to know if anybody else uses it and what do they think of the app.

What is everybody using for their wind mitigation form that fills them out electronically?

Call me tomorrow afternoon.

After 10am ok?? I have a 9am wind mit inspection tomorrow

I use both the easy wind mit and the easy four point apps. I like them both . No real negatives with how they function. The four point app has a handy photo compression feature that is absent in the wind mit app. All in all I’m happy with it.

Good to know, I am very limited on what I can use in the field, all I have is an android tablet that I use to fill out the fillable form. I use my camera and transfer the pictures to my computer and then to Dropbox, so I can load them on the form.

I am having a problem with the picture loading, sometime when I load the pictures it force closes the app. So I am looking on changing around.

QPDF Notes. You can add the picture right into the form when you take it…if the form was designed properly. :wink:
Fill, save, then print to pdf on the desktop. If you don’t have Adobe professional, here is a pdf print driver: https://neevia.com/. Docuprinter LT is 20 bucks and will reduce the file size of the document.

You can try it first for free. There may be other pdf print drivers, but this one has always worked for me.

Buy Adobe pro, I use one with livecycle to design all form, use an iPad with PDFs expert $10.00 app (last time I checked). This works 100% to the T. If you this fulltime invest some money an forget headache! I personally don’t have time to mess with crappy software. Hope this helps

QPDF Notes has always worked, try PDFExpert on iOS, it works even better.

HIP wind mit works well.

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Ok Update***

I went and bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tablet today to replaced my LG G Pad 7.0. I am glad I did, now QPDF Notes works great. I got a SD Card with a micro SD Adapter that I can place into this tablet and transfer my pictures over. I am glad this work. Bottom line it was my LG tablet.

Note to inspectors that use tablets, don’t buy an LG. Least my wife now gets a tablet to use.:smiley:

Anyone care to share their fillable pdf form? :smiley:


Thank you guys for posting all this great info. I am a new inspector up here in Tampa, and your info and insight has helped me tremendously. Keep up the good work fellas! :smiley:

How do I send the completed report to my client?


Pony Express :smiley:

The report shows up blank.

I downloaded it to an iPad does that have anything to do with it?

Send it to me now if you have the time mike@meekerindustries.com are you trying to read it on an apple device?