Window adjustment

Hey guys. I had some vinyl windows that would not latch today. I had the buyer pushing up on the sash, myself pushing down and realtor trying to lock the window. No Dice. MANY windows were like this. Is there a way to adjust windows or are they going to have to replace them to get them to lock.

Yep… needs special tool available (with instructions) from the manufacturer. One should have been supplied with the window install. Some DIY stores carry universal tools.

Did you check for bowing on the sash?
How far out of alignment is it?


Don’t get too concerned with how to do the repairs, and do not waste time trying to force things. That is a sure way to get hurt. A couple of yrs ago an insp friend of mine in Port St. Lucie, FL cut off part of his finger messing with a window!

Get to know a window repair co. Have them print you stickers with their info on them. Put on gloves and check all w’s and sl. gl. doors at one time, slapping a ‘repair needed’ sticker on the ones that need servicing. That eliminates calls asking ‘which opening needs repair?’

That is pretty good advice. I did stop because I thought we were going to break it. I just like to ask though because clients ask me and I have to tell them I have no idea. Id rather be able to better answer their questions.

That is a great Idea Pete.

I have thought about putting little circle stickers on the outlets that are operated by the switch in that room. Does anyone do that?

Careful, Kevin will tell you the stickers are flammable and you would need to report them as a hazard! :shock::mrgreen:

If the frame is out of square, you will never be able to lock it.
Broken balances just don’t hold the sashes up, don’t prevent them from locking.
They have probably been like that since they were installed.
I installed some on my own house 22 years ago and the locks all work fine.
If they didn’t my wife would be the first one to ***** me out. :wink:

Don’t try to figure out how to fix it. It is a defect and recommend repairs. :slight_smile:

Jeff I am trying very hard not to say anything about Kevin. Do not tempt me.

Thanks Marcel. They were probably installed wrong. A lot of things in the house were.

No problemo. I just couldn’t resist. He makes it so easy.

I know from personal experience that if the spiral spring mechanism is buggered up, you will play hell opening and closing a vinyl window, let alone locking it.

But, as Marcel stated, report the problem. Don’t prescribe the fix.

No. Save the stickers for defective outlets, i.e., switches, receptacles, etc.

For a slight adjustment out of line you can recommend a fix until proper by adding washers to the top lock mechanism expanding the distance up.
Many windows put in by DIY’S will not be insulated correctly underneath and this is what causes the bow of the sash sometimes. The shims also are put in too tight and warp the framing if not careful.

Good God, where do you come up with this crap? Is that what the “E-How” page told you? You really need to learn to quit when you’re not so far behind!

Juan… never make that kind of recommendation! If it is important to get the window locked, have them temporarily jamb a length of broomstick handle or 2x4 into place until it can be repaired correctly!

The PDF link up there does show shimming the locks to make them work. I had actually thought about doing it before I read it. Its really not that hard to believe.

I do agree with Jeffrey that the** inards** could be shot also.
Short for internal workings.

I lost a finger nail last year when I was opening a stubborn window. The top sash came down and ripped the nail off my index finger. Thought the Realtor was going to faint when she saw all the blood. I just looked at her and said, “That window will be in the report.”

I don’t force anything anymore. That hurt.

LOL! thanks Troy for learning that lesson for me.

I had a big window to open in the living room and thaught it was stuck because I had a hard time opening it. Turned out to be a guillotine. LOL

Replace your window as it’s better for you to have a new window instead of maintaining this problematic one.