Sorry if this is a repeat. I get maybe one a week clients telling me how much they paid to have the “hurricane” film put on their windows. They are really adamant this gets them discounts. While they may have a personal benefit for the owner, there surely isn’t any on the market rated to get on the 1802 is there ?? Thanks guys…

No discount, they got ripped off

Yeppers… better than just masking tapping it like some use to do :smiley:

No No and another No :twisted:

The reason the films are not approved is because they are not connected to the frame of the window or door. If something hits it, the entire glass pane can come out of the frame.

What if they use the file over the whole door? :shock: :shock:

Is that what you did on your doors…lol.

Why stop there…I wrapped the whole home! :mrgreen:

No doubt quite the scam on the sales side of things…

There is a procedure to install it over the window and properly attach it to the frame, nobody does it correctly, that I have ever seen. Then, Is the frame attached to the building correctly, problem.


And you were so close John! :slight_smile:

I gave a class B rating for this film

. Pretty interesting stuff, first time I have seen it. It is wet glazed and attached to the frame via silicone. Came with the proper ratings meeting the 1802 requirements.

Interesting, however this manufacturer is not listed on the FBC or MDC approval sites. The Carriers won’t accept it without the State’s blessing. Trying to get an independent engineering approval I hear is futile.

I believe the 1st wind mitigation form (2 page one) had a line that said “window film doesn’t qualify” or something to that effect.

As many stated above, the glass will still break out of the frame, but it will stay in one piece - maybe. -o<

this one keeps the glass in the frame, but the 2x4 still will hit someone inside the house:-k

I was thinking it sounded like the guy who wrote it up was the owner or the friend of the owner and kind of doubt they even did the tests.

I am probably wrong but that is just my gut feeling.

I would mark it as such and attach it to the form and say where it came from thus removing the decision from me and putting on the underwriter.

I wonder if they even get a discount for that rating.

You are correct…
From USAA:
You can certify your home for Openings Protection and Roof Shape by providing your signature, as
well as photos or other documentation. If you hire an inspector, the inspector may also certify these
items without attaching photos or statements from the manufac Hirer or installer.
• Baste All glazed openings (windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, doors with windows, etc.)
must be protected with impact resistant coverings (e.g. shutters), impact resistant doors, and/or
impact resistant gla/mg that meet the requirements of ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996
(Missile Level B 4.5 Ib).
• Hurricane All gla/ed openings must be protected with impact resistant coverings, impact
resistant doors, and/or impact resistant glazing that meet the requirements of one of:
• SSTD12
• ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 (Missile Level C 9 Ib)
• Miami-Dade PA 201, 202, and 2O3; or
. Florida Building Code TAS 201. 202 and 203
O Basic O Hurncane Q Nune/Nol All Openings ] Wot Verified
Attach documentation that indicates that shutters meet one of the standards listed above.
Accepted documentation includes performance standards listed by manufacturer, testing
documents, Notice of Acceptance from Dade County, or photos of labels on shutters.
Note Residential window film products applied over glazing surface does not meet
building code requirements and therefore are ineligible for Openings Protection credit.

That is what I always thought :slight_smile: and told folks.

I am glad it appears i was right.

I hate being wrong.

The new form does not say anything about restricting window film. The paperwork provided by the homeowner had the required ratings so I submitted it as such.

Sounds good. I do not believe you did anything wrong and I would have done the same as stated above.

I do have my suspicions about the paperwork. Again not your fault.

All your are there to do is verify and record. Let the underwriters figure it out :slight_smile: