Window Safety

I am wanting to build an elevated room where a majority of one wall is glass (sits about 6-10 feet above finished grade). The windows won’t open, but they will be very close to the floor, I would guess 12 inches or so from the floor. Due to the window height above grade outside, I’m guessing we’ll need some sort of safety glass to prevent falling in the event the glass breaks. We do not want to put a railing or bar on the outside of the window as it will obstruct the views we are trying to accentuate.
My question is, what type of glass do we need to purchase to ensure these windows are safe? Or do we simply need tempered glass because they are so close to the floor? What is the minimum height from floor to the bottom of the window sill to where we could put a standard, non-opening window. Right we are planning on windows about 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

There is more to it then what you are suggesting. Maybe a location where you are would be nice. Is this roof closed off and do the windows / window act as a means of egress? Which way do the windows face. How much overhang is there. What is your building comprised of, wood frame, CBS, EIFS?..

Answer some of these and maybe we can get you started in the right direction.

These two illustrations should help you out ,guest.

We’re located in rural Missouri (Stone County, the Ozarks), and our county planning and zoning said we don’t have building codes or inspectors. It is a wood frame structure, with 1’ 6" of roof overhang. These windows I’m describing will not be egress. The windows face north-west. Hope that helps, thanks for everything so far.