Window Swiggle gasket purging

Window Swiggle gasket purging…
I’ve had a rash of this …this week.
And I’m at a loss for a proper narrative…Which doesn’t happen very often.
What is your narrative on this.
The home today every window was this way.
Thank very much in advance.

1st Pro Inspection

The seal(s) at the (location) window(s) appeared to be failing or failed. Reduced R-value, condensation and/or the windows view could become obstructed. We recommend repair and/or replacement of damaged windows.

Yup. In addition, ask seller regarding manufacturer’ warranty.


Window seals defective, replace sash as needed.


No reason for the added reduced r value mumbo jumbo IMO.

Yep, only one fix…replacement of the glazing.

Every job I check the seals because those without a metal strip over them like buckling in facing the south and west .
Start noticing that and you will find more issues than before .

Cheap cr-p.