Window Well

This home had portions of the exterior excavated in 2006. Besides the improper grading, settled meter and settled gas meter the window wells consisted of lava rocks, landscape edging and treated 2 or 4 X 4.

Are the requirements for window wells? I thought these wells were poorly constructed and questioned the integrity of the repairs. Advised documentation and warranty info.

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140209 005 (Small).jpg

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Hi Dave,

How’s life? To be honest I don’t see to much wrong with those “wells” as the window sills appear to be 4 inches or so above grade, plus if the glass blocks were correctly installed they add to the hight from grade.

Did you see any problems in the basement associated with these areas?



My life has it ups and downs. Thanks for asking.

No issues in the basement.

I thought the materials for the well are improper.

I do not have an issues with lava rocks.

But the 4 X 4 will eventually rot out and landscape edging for the well!!
Should it not be metal or plastic? The landscape edging only goes down 3 of 4 inches. The glass block windows looked good.

Come on mate!! If I am paying for an exterior excavation give some quality materials.

LOL Sorry mate, I’m cheap and you get what you pay for :wink:



looks to me Dave like they just used the lava rocks to keep mud from splashing on the glass block…as they are not necessary with the grade as it appears…

Actually the grade on this side and the rear is pitched towards the home. There is a railroad tie retaining wall that is improperly leaning, rotted and damaged. All the water from the rear and side neighbors drain in this yard.

I called out the retaining wall as a defect, told my client to replace, and create a swale between the house and retaining wall.

All the excavation company did was place a small drain in the middle of the backyard.

140209 002 (Small).jpg

Where are the drains?

For the window wells or back yard?

Thats what I am talking about. A bunch of lava racks to keep mud from splashing on the window is a waste in my opinion.

A quality window well would have a visible drain. Mine do. See pic of my window wells.

140209 054 (Small).jpg

But in the picture of your house as in mine the groung level is clearly above the bottom of the window thus requiring a well…in the picture of the lava rock house the ground level is significantly lower than the window…thus no well required…purely cosmetic and the fact that You dont like thier landscaping really is not relevant here…just a mater of taste…tacky maybe but surely not wrong…jmo…Jim

In my area we install clear plastic molded covers over window wells. To each his own.