Winter Inspections and Snow Cover

I’m curious how everybody adapts their inspections for winter weather. The snow if pretty much covering everything here and it’s going to severely limit the exterior visual inspection. I know the SOP states that the inspector is not required to move snow, just wondering how you all handle it.

Also, do you call out icicles as evidence of improper attic insulation/venting, or do you look for more concrete things, like inadequate insulation and blocked or missing vents?

Are there any other winter specific items you look for or document?

I think You could gain a huge amount of winter knowledge if you pay an experienced inspector to take you out on a few inspections .

If you can not get a local inspector to take you out then go 100 miles away stay in a motel .The expense will give you a big pay back.

The exterior inspection was greatly limited by snow cover…If I called poor ventilation and insulation on every house that had icicles here in the winter time, I’d be calling poor ventilation and insulation on every house I inspect in the winter time…

I disclaim the roof as not inspected due to not being visible at the time of inspection due to snow cover. The snow cover can indicate areas in need of air sealing that can then be verified when you enter the attic. Basically write up your limitations and move on.