Winter Home inspections

This will be my first winter with home inspections. Do you have any articles or information that I can share with realtors on what to expect for winter inspections in Indiana climate?

Expect snow. If they live there, they’ll surely know about snow. No need to remind them, it’s not front page news. Besides, no one wants to be reminded. Like reminding someone they’re going to die :wink:

Snow on roof never walk them .
I do look from ladder and do try to see the roof small Broom helps .

If they have been in the business for a while they already know that landscaping roofs and other horizontal features will not be inspected. It is a good idea to have something in your Pre Inspection Agreement.

Take photos of all snow covered areas and enter them in the report and explain that you were unable to report on the condition due to snow cover.

Thanks all!

I don’t give a rat’s patootie about realtors. My primary concern is for my clients!

I recommend that you go back and read the SOP you a required to follow, if you haven’t done so yet.

Quite simple. Follow the standard. When you can’t do the standard, write down in the report why you didn’t do it.

Site drainage: covered in 3 ft of snow.
Roof: Can’t see the roof.
Walk on the sidewalk: wasn’t shoveled off. Danger to the Inspector.
Air conditioner: it’s -30 F.

Is it all that difficult?