winter mold testing

so I did the NACHI How To Perform Mold Inspections course today. So how are we to do air sampling in winter when outdoor samples cannot be taken when temps are below 32 or there is snow on the ground? If you don’t have an outdoor control sample, what is the value of indoor samples?

In each area of the country, the mold spore levels will be diiferent outside, so your question will be hard to answer on this message board. I need to ask a bunch of questions first. You can give me a call at (573)761-3581, and I will be glad to help you.

The main thing I do not like about the Moldrange data is it uses all test data that they collect. If the outside samples are not taken correctly, the outside counts will be higher than they are actually. Most mold testing I have seen uses no industry accepted standard for testing, which legally makes thoses tests invalid. Emlab has no idea what standard was used or if the standard was used correctly. I applaud Emlab for the try, but I staying away this data. I do encourage inspectors to take their courses. I am a fan of their free webinars.