Winter time air sampling?

What do you do when you have a mold test in the middle of winter and can’t do outdoor air sampling because of snow coverage? Do you just sample indoors only?

Yes, indoors only. Also do not test when the outside temperature is below 35 degrees. The silica (that catches the spores) on the slide inside the trap will freeze solid. If you need any help interpreting lab reports, just email me the report at .

Thanks I will.

If the home has a garage you could always open the garage door and do a test in the garage for your outdoor sample


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Depending on the situation the garage or a properly vented attic will provide a good control sample.

James what makes you think you cannot? can you provide us with any proof as to why Mr.Wise’s statements are not valid?

Can you provide any proof as to why Mr. Wise’s statements are not valid because i think you are holding a grudge against him that is affecting your better judgement. So do you have the proof to back up your statement i am very curious.

Depending on the situation the garage or a properly vented attic will provide a good control sample.

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First, if there is a mold growth inside the garage you might pick it up in the air sample.
Second, you need to be at least 10 feet away from any buildings. Actually it was changed to at least 20 feet away awhile back.
IAC2 SOP does not reflect that change yet.

Nick Fortner just called me (you have no merit to stand your own ground, so you got somebody else involved) and he said that there was no such thing as a certified mold inspector. You might want to straighten him out on that, since one of your designations is Certified Mold Inspector. Also he said that ESA is wanting to sue me for slander. I keep really good records, so I can prove everything I have said about ESA is true.
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Acknowledged, accepted and agreed with respect to capturing mold spores which may be present in the garage. I believe ESA standards do not allow the garage to be used as the control sample if there is visible mold growth present.

If there is no control sample taken then how do you determine if the indoor air spores are considered elevated? Isn’t that the purpose of having an outdoor baseline (control) sample?

Let me put it to you this way; what do you do when there is snow or ice on the ground and why?
As you noticed, I did not hand you the answer on that question because I want you to think about it, first. Thus it will make more sense too you.

Another thing to remember mold growths start out microscopic, cannot be seen by the naked eye, at the beginning of the growth stage. Also mold can be inside a wall and the spores can leak through the cracks. So the mold can still be there and you do not see it.

I think the designation is a Certified Mold Inspector and Assessor, They did away with the CMI and CMA and combined the two CMAI

as i was CMIA

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