Winter Storm Coming

Thanks Bob. and I am busy for the next three days .
Can you please put it on Hold . Thanks Roy

WHODO FOODO MOODOO Don’t know if it will work but i tried.


It didn’t work. I think you weren’t moving your nose quite right. Please keep trying, though. This sure doesn’t sound good, even for down here in the banana belt. We already have freezing rain.

Bill Mullen
Sarnia, Ont.

Actually I was standing up with my hands raised towards the sky when I said it, maybe I should try the nose thing. Oh did I mention I was in the shower at the time with a shower cap on, and a green rubber duck in my hand! Can you picture it…SCARY isn’t it!!

That vusual just made me change my mind about having lunch. Thanks, Bob, you’re great fo my diet.

Bill Mullen

Your welcome Bill …anything I can do to help.

In that vein, here’s a picture of my neighbour who had wanted to go south to do some snorkling but got stranded by the weather.

Bill Mullen


Are you sure its your neighbor…???:oops::oops::oops:


Thanks Robert. I am heading out for an inspection in Napanee on Monday morning. That ought to be fun! I was out cutting the grass on New Years Day here in the REAL BANANA BELT! What a climate:roll:

You know what they say ; If you don’t like the weather here in Eastern Ontario just wait 15 minutes and the Government will try to tax it.

(I am sure that Wendy would like to remove her post and place it in the thread where the associated remark was made instead of carrying that **** over here)