Weather Warning

I am listening to the radio and the weather forcast for freezing rain. They said expect power outages, tree branches down.

It might be a good idea to fill up the bathtub and containers of water and get your candles ready.

Its snowing heavily up here in Alton (Caledon).

Nothing down here in the banana belt. In fact it was sunny and ‘warm’ until about an hour ago.

Its on its way! Theres already about 4" of snow here and snowing heavily. Coming out of the south, south east. And I have a sinus headache. My sinuses have never failed in fortelling bad weather. :wink:

I hooked up the tractor to the generator. I am all prepared.

Its been pouring rain down here and fairly windy! I have a new lake in my front yard. Lake St. Clair one block to my immediate north, and Lake Lawrenson front yard due south!

We have had about 3 inches of snow since this morning now it’s freezing rain and high winds.Take it from an old lineman if the freezing rain keeps up along with the wind we will have problems.Boy sure glad I’m not doing that job any longer!


I’m stuck in Mississauga, I did the seminar today with Paul Abernathy we finished at about 5:00 pm and decided the best course of action is to stay at the hotel. A few of the other guys are doing the same.

Just get in from shoveling 5 inches of snow, freezing rain started and is now raining, welcome to march, remember March 10th 83-4. now that was some snow!!!:shock:

If March comes in like Lion, it will go out like a Lamb.
If March comes in like a Lamb it will go out like a Lion.

My wise grandmother told me about the first part of that saying…but said the second sentence was not a part of it.

(Yes, I had a “wise,old grandmother”, too!)

Aww c’mon you guys… when I was your age I used to inspect homes in this weather in snow up to my waist, 5 miles uphill both ways with the home buyer on my back!

Only did one inspection today… went to do second… The realtor called. the buyer left him a message, that he was cancelling the inspection, he was going to have a kilt fit.

Seriously! That is where he went… in this weather.
Is anything worn under the kilt?.. Nope it is all in good working order!

10:45 P.M. and we have had only light snow ( maybe an inch) So where is this storm?
I’m taking my water skis and speedo and heading for Claude’s house.

Not a pretty thought:shock:

Toronto must have got it harder than up here in Caledon. High winds last nite and power on and off for seconds but no outages, and no trees down.

Now its snowing again.

The forecast doesn’t sound much better for the rest of the day or tomorrow.


I hope you are correct, I’m tired of this weather.

Up here near Bancroft, we got 5 inches, then some rain to form a nice crust, then more snow. It’s snowing off and on, but not amounting to anything yet. I got the snowblower out, did 4 driveways, now I have to split wood. Generator is ready, but I dont think I’ll need it.

"Not a pretty thought:shock: "

You’re right. I’ll leave the skis here.

Sunny and warm here right now with steam rising off the snow. Got about an inch of snow and a half inch of freezing rain. I am waiting to hear that the army has been called out to the disaster in Toronto :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


We have a new Mayor now!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


We can send you the new mayor if you like??? One person should be enough for your town RIGHT!!!

I blinked once and I missed it. \:D/](file://\:D/) \:D/](file://\:D/) \:D/](file://\:D/) \:D/

If it was not for weather, 90% of people would have nothing to talk about.

Everyone likes to complain about the weather, but no one does anything about it! :wink: