National Vendor Managment Services

I know you all are very honest in your dealings with companies, so I want to ask: has anyone worked with NVMS???
I just got a call wanting a job done & pay is $50. it’s within 15 miles of my home, so not a big deal. But just wondered if anyone has experience with this company?

Also, they asked me about “preservation & winterization” - do any of you do this?!?


I have info on this sort of work. Send me your e-mail address and I’ll pass this info on tou you.


NAH! Life is too short to get into winterization.

Sounds like a Risk Management issue to me, R . . . .

I work with several companies but not directly…I work with them through a realtor that only lists and sells foreclosures. They call it foreclosure service work and I love it. Other than sometimes waiting for payment for up to 45 days on some things…I enjoy it immensely. I spent some time with a licensed plumber to learn how to do the winterization properly…that was a big help. When I have specific questions, I call him.

I am making more than my target of $100 per hour when I perform these…and when I de-winterize as well.

I wish I could help with your initial question…but I have never heard of them.

I’ve never dealt with NVMS, but to piggy back on what Tony stated…there is a lot of money to be had in winterization, if you know what you’re doing. Where I’m located, right along Lake Huron, there are a LOT of cottages that need to be winterized and dewinterized, or even opened for a long weekend in the middle of the winter for snowmobilers and skiers. Learn how to do it, advertise it to the PM businesses in your area and away you’ll go.

Good Luck. :slight_smile:


I have dealt with NVMS several times over the years and they are generally very easy to work with and pay fairly promptly. i have only done merchant inspections (visa/mastercard) but I do preservation/lock changes/trashouts etc… for other companies…

many companies deal with HUD guidelines for winterizations etc… and only pay those fees… sometimes you can get them to budge a little…

if you are willing to learn it, you can make some $$ at it as the mortgage companies have loaned way too much money out to too many people… many who cannot support the payments… i.e. we are going to see an increase in forclosures…

good luck!

so far i’ve only done a “condition report” for this company. it is obvioulsy a foreclosed property & in awful shape. I just took photos & filled out a short report, so not much work involved. We’ll see how long i wait on payment.

thanks so much for the feedback!! you all are always so helpful.
i’m still amazed at all the various opportunities in this field…it’s very interesting, to say the least.

oh - and this company does sign placement & lock changes too. that doesn’t seem like a big deal. So, maybe i’ll give it a shot sometime. I’ll wait & see.

thanks again!


I have worked with NVMS some over the past year. They tend to get the details wrong quite often and you end up using your time to sort them out. The details I am talking about are everything from property contacts to the types of businesses that you are inspecting to assigning things outside your area of coverage. I once mistakenly and unprofessionally “went off” in an email to them about wasting my time by figuring out their details for them. I haven’t heard from them since. Caution:tread lightly if you want to keep getting work from them. Also, make sure you compare prices betwen the locks they want you to buy from them and the ones you can get elsewhere(ie Roper locks in Ohio.)


I love doing this work as well and would love to do more. I haven’t got the foggiest idea about how to find and market to these foreclosure realtors. Would you mind shooting me an email sometime and give me some pointers. I currently do some work for a smaller statewide co and nothing so far from nationals.

Thanks in advance


I am looking for anyone to update this thread and let me know if they are currently doing any work for NVMS. I am in South Florida and do a lot of inspection work for this company. Their payments are coming slower and slower so am looking for any input as to the condition of this company. I practically have to beg for my checks anymore. Anybody know anything about them I would appreciate your input. Starting to think I need to get out of the foreclosure services business…thanks.