winterized sprinkler dripping water slowly

During the inspection yesterday in Colorado, we found a winterized sprinkler system is still very slowly dripping water. probably one drip at the bottom of the pipe right after it came out of the wall every 3-4 seconds. The main sprinkler valve appears to be fully closed.
I am wondering if the valve failed to fully closed inside which caused slow water leaks to the pipe. If so the good thing is the speed of water leak is very slow. it simply drained outside before the water level raises up high enough to the rest of the system.
The other inspector was saying that it could be the water evaporation from the rest of the system and drained from here. But the winterization was done a while back, could still be dripping 24/7 like this?
Any thought everyone? appreciate your input.
Thank you

It would be difficult to say from MI, with any certainty, what the reason is but while the qualified professional that you have out to remedy that drip is there, have them remove the hose from the frost free spigot before they freeze, too.

That pic makes no sense to me. How about an overview pic from farther back showing more of the system you are referring to? My first though is, who the hell plumbs water pipes on the exterior in Colorado, and the second is, if there isn’t a water shutoff inside the warm zone of the structure, call a licensed plumber!

Probably: sprinkler vacuum breaker - Google Search

yes. the picture looks like the system that I saw. the inlet drain valve above the ground is dripping water. I am guessing the shut off valve inside the house doesn’t fully shut off the water.

Why is not really important to you. What is important is …

Its dripping constantly and needs professional repair. Refer a plumber and keep moving.

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I do not inspect sprinkler systems. Limitation in my reports. I may look at them but with no reporting except when they fail. A broken pipe, which you can not detect, becomes a liability for the lot, foundation and your company. Sprinkler systems require pressure testing. Take note young inspector.

The sprinkler system is winterized. The ball valve is in an open position. The handle is inline with the water pipe.

Write up with you observe only. Plumbing: Leaking copper 90° degree fitting. Location: Below the shutoff valve for the sprinkler system.
Recommend: A licensed sprinkler installation and servicing contractor evaluate the system.

The leaking 90 degree fitting appears to have a molded drain incorporated.

The 90 degree fitting is missing the threaded cap. That’s why it is leaking water.
The fitting is to drain the domestic supply plumbing line. That still does not jive with the ball valve handle position.
Request disclosure from the vendor. 1a: Do they winterize the system or, 1b: do they have a professional servicing contractor do the work. 2: The location of the pipe fitting bleeder cap.

Robert, it has been 2+ years, if the OP had not figured it out, s/he has more issues than you, imagine!

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after all this years…

Thanks Todd.
Lol. It was posted so I replied.

Even after all these years, sprinkler systems should be viewed as a limitation, unless you like to open up your liability.

Funny it was posted on the MB?
You would think the OP’s post would be buried under the tens of thousands of posts sense then.

Still useful information today as it was then.