Winterized vs. All Season


Am I right in saying that a “winterized cottage” is technically one that has been prepared for winter in the sense that no one would be living there…?

I often hear of the term “winterized” used in a different sense, where it has been insulated, for example, so that one can live there in the winter as well. Would that be “all season”? Came up again today when a client called for a winterized cottage inspection. I started asking about utilities, water… What they meant was that they live there all year long, so it is a well insulated cottage suitable for winter living.



Hi Paul-Marc,

I’ve heard the term used both ways. The important thing, I suppose, is to make sure your client and you both have the same understanding while communicating.


Around here, winterizing means preparing the house for the winter, knowing that the heat will not be on and the house’s water piping water heater, radient heat pipes, drains and other components that can be damaged by cold are taken care of.

As to a house being able to be lived in, during the winter, that is just referring to it being heated, insulated and all the other normal stuff that any house should already have.

Hope this helps;

Agreed! Thanks Larry and Will.