Wire Mold

Does anybody know if wire mold is against the electrical code in New York City for residential buildings (i,e, for a ceiling fan) ?

I don’t use wiremold, but I believe its covered under Art 376. Per: 376.10, it’s permitted for ‘exposed’ work.

When I checked NYC addendums to the NEC, bookmark this, http://www.nyc.gov/html/dob/html/model/nec.shtml .

On http://www.nyc.gov/html/dob/downloads/pdf/nec_2005_amendment_list.pdf

No mentioning of Art 376 as ‘modified’ by NYC codes.

Just a guess, not a nyc expert, it seems ‘permitted’.


Very common down here in Floirda

Since Wiremold makes both surface metal raceways and surface non-metallic raceways, I’d say there’s a good chance that the non-metallic version (if any) would be the one that’s prohibited. Major metropolitan areas seem to be in love with metallic covered wiring methods, and probably the Wiremold 500/700/2000 types of surface metal raceways would be okay. Just a guess. I’m pretty sure the NYC code is online someplace.

wiremold? what is wiremold?

When you leave your wire in the back of the fridge for two months…you get wiremold. :mrgreen:


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Its molding that goes over a wires to hide it from view and damaged. Do a google search for wire mold. There is plenty of information and pictures there.

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Actually Wiremold is a raceway, just like conduit, not just a cover that goes over wire.

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