Wire above drop cealing yes - no

Inspected a 1928 home today - electrical updated from knob and tube to romex – About 80% was lay-ed on top of the suspended ceiling in the home.

I know that this is a NO NO in commercial. I also am not looking for current code because who knows when it was done.

I want to flag it as a safety issue but other than I think it is crap and poor workmanship I can’t think of what is unsafe? The cable will not rub through the metal tracks that hold the ceiling up

Any ideas – I just hate to see crap


Romex should not be resting on the suspended ceiling track. Also romex should be properly supported.

I have seen romex “rub” through and electrify the entire grid. It should be properly supported to the building structure.

Hi to all,

I would have to agree with the others comments unsupported/unattached conductors have always been a no no.



BTW Richard, how the hell did you find a 1928 in Frostproof?

Ok I will call it “cold flow” or something and that it should be supported above the drop ceiling



This little town that I live in has got some old building in it. This one that I inspected was stick built with NO WDI - Roof was so strong I could have parked a truck on it.

I think it should be a crime when some one puts good $$ in a property to screw it up.

This two bedroom one bath HVAC one story - on pilings home with no dishwasher is selling for 150k

And it is selling to a Realtor?? I don’t understand - it needs a complete remodel

The one that the better half and I own was built about the same time is just down the street and is 2 x the home (and we are rebuilding it) our cost was WAY LOWER just 2 years ago

And our gas in town went to $3.06 a gal for reg today (all four gas stations)

Thanks gentlemen



Wish I could find a $150,000 house here. The real POS houses here are over 200,000. Takes the fun out of fixer-upper.

300.4© was written to prohibit the lack of support back in 1984. Support the wiring method as the rules state.