Wire Nuts in Distribution Panel

Maybe this is getting a little picky. Two wires are joined with a wire nut in a distribution panel. Does the wire nut and some of the wiring have to be wrapped in electrical tape? Seems like it would be the “best practice”. Thanks in advance.

Wire nut is OK.

And taping a wire nut is NOT “best practice”. It screams DIY.

everybody knows that the sparkies save that tape for important things …like fixing the handle on their lunch box or thermos…you know the important stuff…:wink:

Don’t forget closing up utility knife wounds.
Nothing better than a napkin and some black tape. :mrgreen:

Only in industrial use have I seen and done it. The vibration of the large equipment will shake the wire nuts loose. Or when the circuit is very over loaded, the expansion and contraction of the wires will loosen the nut. The factories I work in amazed me that they never burnt down. Came close a few times but never to the ground.

My wife growls me every time I do that. She’s a nurse. I have tried explaining to her that it’s special “anti-bacterial electrical tape” that I use. :mrgreen:

carpenters use duct tape Mark …and wives never understand…:roll:

I married a nurse. Somebody in the family has to work for a living.:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The industrial electrical specifications that I have written over years specifically prohibited the use of wire nuts for machinery controls. In my opinion wire nuts themselves are not best practice in heavy industrial applications.

Those blue shop paper towels and elec. tape are the best. I’ve upgraded from napkins to these rolls myself.

I think they should have a partnership with Neosporin…
Although, I can always find the blue towels… those tube are sure hard to find. Maybe they should work on THAT!


I’ve seen wire nuts and tape on a few items where vibration was an issue as well.

My useful service life has ended when “her” toys require these modifications :frowning:

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